MassivelyOP’s 2019 guide to Halloween across the MMO world


It’s creepy and it’s kooky, even mysterious and spooky. Reports are in that this year’s Halloween is all together ooky, and you’re right in the middle of it.

Welcome to October and the countdown to MMO studios’ favorite holiday of the year! With so many ways to get treats and enjoy a few tricks in online RPGs, it’s hard to keep track of where to go and what to do. That’s what this guide is here to do: To make sure that you get everything you want out of Halloween this year.

So put a witch’s shawl on, a broomstick you can crawl on, because we’re going to pay a call on…

AdventureQuest 3D: “The October fog opens a pathway to the haunted town of Mystcroft! As per tradition, the previous Mogloween areas return this week, and will be expanded next week with an all new Mogloween adventure.”

Aion: “Esta is back and needs your help to make her famous Pumpkin Ghoulash for the rest of the Candy Galaxy Corporation. Despite her good intentions, the Great Pumpkin King has his own sinister plans and has taken her Ghoulash. Help Esta get her Ghoulash back and she will reward you with sweet prizes.”

Anarchy Online: “Skeletons! Specters! Shackles! Scythe-wielding reapers! Slices of bad pizza! Spiders! Stupid jokes! Other spooky things and matters that start with an S! It’s scary season, ya’ll. To celebrate, we’re holding a screenshot contest.”

Anthem: “The Season of Skulls is a themed, season-long event that offers unique rewards and challenges for its duration – similar to the Cataclysm. In addition, a strange fog creeps over the land, luring deadly enemies out of the shadows.”

Apex Legends: The game’s first Halloween will be marked by new mobs, plenty of costumes, and a Shadowfall mode that transforms dead players into zombies that stalk their friends.

ARK: “We are excited to bring you the third annual Fear Evolved, bigger and better than before!  The blood-moon, DodoWyvern, DodoRex have made a return to ARK from October 22nd to November 5th!”

Astellia Online: “Two glorious weeks of mischievous and ghoulishly delightful fun – Teheh! Go forth and collect as much of this candy as you can minionsss… and I might just be gracious enough to give you something in return – Keheheh!

Aura Kingdom: We still have free starter packs left for anyone who wants one as a treat!

AxE: “In this haunted event dungeon, players can test their merits by collecting pumpkins to exchange for limited-time event costumes from the shop. In addition to the power boosts, the event costume contains an EXP buff for Daily Quests and Area Requests.”

Black Desert: “It’s the most frightful time of the year! Watch out as Spook may crawl up on you at any time during the event period!”

Blade and Soul: “Blade & Ghoul is just around the corner! It’s the time of the year when ghoulish horrors come out to creep around the Earthen Realm, which means there’s many opportunities to defeat these nightmarish enemies for some devilishly good rewards!”

Boundless: The game’s Halloween event has emerged from the depths of depravity!

Champions Online: “You can also get new titles, and the Trick or Treat Inventory Bag. Trick or Treaters will be out around Millenium City, and those of you into battling your fellow heroes can engage in the Hunters vs. Lycans PVP event!”

City of Heroes Homecoming: The Halloween event brings trick-or-treating in all city zones, Dr. Kane’s Mansion, the Deadly Apocalypse, and special vendors.

Crossout: “Every year, Ivy XO transforms into the Witch from the Valley to arrange a feast for everyone (and at the same time clear the area of tricky treats). And this time she decided to slightly change the subject of the event.”

Dark Age of Camelot: “October is not just our favorite month because of the Anniversary month and its crisp Autumn weather; it’s also because it’s time for haunted cities, candy and costumes, pumpkin patches in the Frontiers, and the return of the Mournful King instance!”

Dark and Light: “Be wary adventurers! Gaia’s influence grows stronger around this time of year. Prepare yourselves… Gobboween is on the horizon.”

Dauntless: “Light a candle and curse the darkness. Dark Harvest returns to Ramsgate on October 24 and a new Hunt Pass – Haunted Shadows – unfurls on October 31.”

DC Universe Online: “Now through the rest of The Witching Hour event, look for new Trick or Teekl buckets granted to you every day, and fill them with candy you find throughout the game!”

Destiny 2: “In a universe where darkness appears around every corner and death usually follows, it’s important to gain courage by looking fear in the face. Candy helps, too.”

Dungeons and Dragons Online: “Find the Night Revels in House Jorasco, now through November 3rd!”

Elder Scrolls Blades: “It’s time to celebrate the Witches Festival! With The Elder Scrolls: Blades newest update, you’ll find brand new additions to the game to fright and delight: four new frightful quests only for the bravest among you, creepy decorations to show off your holiday spirit, and your Town is now an eerie nighttime dwelling with new music to match.”

Elder Scrolls Online: “Tamriel’s Witches Festival has returned to The Elder Scrolls Online and will run until Monday, November 4 at 10:00AM EST. During this chilling celebration, players can enjoy a 100% XP boost, receive creepy collectibles, and acquire Event Tickets!”

EVE Online: “New Eden has been haunted by a series of frighteningly awesome events that consist of daily login rewards, shocking surprises, balance changes…and a little something to get your blood pumping!”

Fallout 76: “We’re entering that eerie time of year when the nights are growing longer, providing the perfect cover for tricks, treats, and a little costumed mayhem during our upcoming Mischief Night Seasonal Event!”

Final Fantasy XI: “Residents of the realm are walking about dressed as a variety of fearsome monsters, hoping to scare the living daylights out of adventurers like you. By giving the costumed NPCs in the areas listed below a treat, you’ll be able to dress up in a costume of your own. If you’re really lucky, you might even obtain a special Halloween-themed item!”

Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints’ Wake rages from October 17th through November 1st. Finish up the “It’s Probably Pirates” quest to kick off your event journey to new items and a mount.

Guild Wars: “Get ready for two whole weeks of mischief and mayhem in Tyria, courtesy of Mad King Thorn and his Lunatic Court. The madness escalates to the final event on October 31, when the Mad King himself appears every three hours — join if you dare!”

Guild Wars 2: “From October 15th to November 5th, King Oswald Thorn’s cruel laughter will fill the air as Halloween returns to Tyria! Play wicked games, tackle the Mad King’s Clock Tower, go trick-or-treating in the labyrinth, venture into the cornfield for Reaper’s Rumble, and more.”

H1Z1 Battle Royale: “Spooky season is back, and that means the return of our favorite hair-raising Halloween event: Hauntfest! Starting on Thursday, October 17th and running through Friday, November 1st, Hauntfest will run as a limited-time arcade event mode with a special set of challenges and rewards.”

Lord of the Rings Online: “Join in on the fun and sink your teeth into the Apple Bobbing game, test your skill with spooktacular quests in the Haunted Burrow, or grab the reins in the festival horse races! Don’t miss out on the season’s biggest party!”

MapleStory: “Hallowkitty is back with an assortment of Halloween events to get you in the spooky spirit, and the fan-favorite Dark Lords of Darkness also returns!”

Neverwinter: “The Masquerade of Liars creeps into Neverwinter, giving every adventurer the chance to be someone or something they’re not!”

Otherland: “The event comes with themed quests, bosses and special items. So get your characters ready and complete the event activities to earn special rewards including four unique spooky costume sets!”

Overwatch: “We’re celebrating the most foreboding time of the year with a skin-crawling seasonal event: Overwatch Halloween Terror. Expand your collection of seasonal items and relive the chilling tale of Junkenstein’s Revenge, an action-packed co-op brawl.”

Pirate101: “Get the cobwebs out of the attic and candy out of the cupboards, because it’s time to celebrate Halloween in spooky style” with the game’s decorating contest. Entries must be in by October 27th.

Pokemon Go: “Beginning October 17th, players can rescue newly turned Shadow Pokémon from Team GO Rocket including Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Electabuzz and more. There will also be new thrilling threads in the Style Shop and the debut of Yamask! If Trainers are lucky, they might even encounter Shiny Yamask.”

Project Gorgon: “Happy Halloween! The Halloween event has begun! You will receive a quest when you log in to get you started.”

Red Dead Online: “With All Hallows’ Eve fast approaching, Madam Nazar has obtained a smattering of masks that are sure to delight and terrify in equal measure. For a limited time only, she is offering masks for those indulging in the season – ranging from the horrifying Freak Mask to the macabre Swine Mask.”

Riders of Icarus: The Autumn Festival is on like Donkey Kong, and you can help this feast be the best it can be. It added some Halloween flair, special events, and a Phantasmal Nightshade mount for the season.

RIFT: “The event will start on Thursday, the 24th of October and last until the 21st of November! Earn event currency to buy a ton of spooky mounts, eerie pets, devilish costumes and much more.”

Runes of Magic: “Halloween is just around the corner, bringing with it some spectacularly spooky days in Taborea! Pick up some frighteningly good prizes in our series of creepy events.”

Sea of Thieves: “Beware, pirates, there’s evil abroad in this most hallowed of seasons! The Fort of the Damned has arisen, where dangerous lost souls have gained a foothold in our world. It’s up to you to send them howling back to the grave.”

Secret World Legends: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Samhain is here!  Join us around the fire from October 10th through November 4th. Experience seasonal challenges, the Haunted Cache, exclusive seasonal rewards, and community events!” The Moons of Madness single-player spin-off launches October 22nd with “Lovecraftian elements and Mars exploration.”

Shroud of the Avatar: “Kinga or Ronin in Castle Brittany have two quests: slay Pumpkin Head and steal a pumpkin head item from him or his foot soldiers. This heinous villain and his minions are rumored to dwell in a pumpkin patch in East Vauban Foothills. Slay Pumpkin Head and you might gain a powerful Skull Staff artifact.”

Skyforge: “The spookiest holiday on Aelion is starting –– put on your scary costumes, play tricks on people, have fun, and earn rewards. Evil Pumpkin Festival will run from October 24 to November 7!”

Star Conflict: “Players will repel random alien raids, destroy enemy bases with pumpkin bombs and, most importantly, for the first time, will be able to take control of the legendary phantom ship.”

Star Wars Galaxies Legends: Even Jabba the Hutt acts like a little kid when the Galactic Moon Festival comes around.

TERA: “This Halloween season—starting Tuesday, October 22 and continuing until Tuesday, November 5—keep an eye peeled for Gourdo in most of TERA’s cities and major villages, such as Crescentia, Scythera Fae, and so on (but not in Velika or on Exodor).”

Trove: “Halloween is approaching and we are happy (but terrified) to announce the return of the spookiest event in Trove: Shadow’s Eve! Candy Corn, Pumpkin Lairs and mostly Shadowy Seals are here from October 22nd to November 5th! Trove’s got you covered for the best Halloween experience you could wish for.”

Ultima Online: “Halloween favorites coming October 1st – Trick or Treating, Carveable Pumpkins, and Zombie Skeletons!”

Villagers and Heroes: “The Haunted Moors is back and as frightful as ever, not for the faint of heart! Alongside the Halloween event zone, this update also features the Blighted Isles high-level content, new Halloween-themed cosmetics, and a vast number of game additions and improvements!”

Warframe: “From now until November 1st, log in and face your fears during our annual Day of the Dead community event!” New store items, Halloween treats, and special cosmetic skins are all on tap for Tenno.

Wizard101: “Put your decorating skills to the test in our new 2019 Halloween Decorating Contest!”

World of Warcraft: “Trick-or-Treat throughout the inns of Azeroth, Northrend, Pandaria, Outland, Draenor, and the Broken Isles (Dalaran) for tasty treats and currency to buy Hallow’s End delights.”

World of Warships Legends: “The new update 1.2.0 gives players the opportunity to earn a free premium ship by participating in the new Wicked Wave campaign and to participate in the first PvE Operation of the game.” Starts on October 26th.

The Yellow King: “A dark new offering inspired by the horror writings of H. P. Lovecraft, The Yellow King is a massively-multiplayer online world unlike anything you’ve experienced before.” Early access kicks off on Halloween day.


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Anarchy Online (my first MMO from 2001), gets a welcome mention but Everquest 2 (My home from home, 2004 till 2016), is but a foot note in the article. How times have changed. Currently playing Astellia and it’s Halloween content, a cute little MMO that’s filling my time untill Pantheon.


Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.
Elvis Duran

Enjoy Halloween, folks!


Otherland not only still exists but has a Halloween event?! Wow. How is it still going?! There’s like almost nobody playing it and it’s a hot wet mess.

I guess I wish other games would stay up and try to keep going when they have so few people playing them. Maybe I’m a bit jealous.

Elva the Lion

I usually don’t do these “holiday” events in games…but I just started playing Neverwinter Online today and as chance would have it, as I emerged from the starter area, the Masquerade of Liars was in full swing – I got sucked into it, Quite fun, really.


Warframe also has the “Hallowed Flame” Hallowe’en event running till Nov 1st:

Warframe releases the Hallowed Flame Halloween fight and Nightwave Intermission II, delays The Old Blood


Skyforge has broom mount + devil horns and tail cosmetics. These looks great – to the point where I farm them on two different servers. And I even don’t play the game normally, just in case if it’ll become good after 1.00 release.

Also Anthem has surprisingly good spooky armor sets. I didn’t expect it’s possible to have this kind of stuff in sci-fi game without breaking immersion completely yet the team managed to do it perfectly.

Deadly Habit

Release date for The Yellow King changed to November 21st according to the Steam page.