RuneScape outlines plans to make stone spirits and ore more valuable

Breaking rocks in the hot sun.

There’s not a problem with stone spirits in RuneScape, or at least not the problem that’s obvious. Yes, they’re basically unwanted and offer very little value for mining them up, but that’s part of the larger problem that mining in general is just not very worthwhile, because smithing isn’t particularly valued. That’s the central point of the new development diary about changes coming to the system; it’s too easy to generate tons of ore from AFK mining, and smithing itself isn’t rewarding enough on top of that.

The changes planned for the near future are multi-faceted. First, AFK mining will become far less efficient; if you’re completely AFK you’ll be getting about a quarter of what you get now, unless you have stone spirits ready to go in advance. (Thus making those more valuable, in turn.) Disassembling items with smithing will also produce much more in the way of rewards, meaning that items requiring a large pile of materials will break down into a large pile. Hopefully that will make ore more valuable and make its use more desirable.

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None of that improves either of those. As someone who used to love smithing/mining in the game, the new version is pretty awful. (I even bought the explosion animation so when I’m mining, it’s going KABOOOM regularly…and I have the full 3 combined sets mining outfit, and partial smithing set..which is a tad harder to achieve because of how you have to earn it…)