Star Citizen is kicking off a free-fly for alpha 3.7 right now


If you’ve been eyeing Star Citizen’s alpha 3.7 incremental patches wondering whether there’s enough there there to take a peek, then good news for you because you can soon take a peek without plunking down any cash to do it as there’s a free-fly starting right now and running all week.

“From Monday, Oct. 28 at 12 PM Pacific to midnight on Sunday, Nov. 3rd, Cloud Imperium will make it free for anyone in the world to download and play Star Citizen across five ships as they traverse the vast reaches of the Stanton System. Players can download Star Citizen and get started with the Free Fly here. Additionally, starter packs for new players will be discounted across the board, meaning players can pledge just $40 dollars to play Star Citizen in perpetuity, including their starter ship, a game package, 3 months of ship insurance and 1,000 UEC.”

Free-fly players will get to dabble with flying the Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha, Banu Defender, RSI Aurora MR, Drake Cutlass Black, and Avenger Titan while mucking around with the 3.7 patch contents, which as we’ve previously covered include new cave environs, mining, harvesting, missions sharing, ship rentals, and the commodity inventory. It’s not exactly a Halloween event, but it’s the next best thing.

Source: Press release, official site
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