Check out Path of Exile’s new pen-and-paper solo adventure book, written by Chris Kluwe


If you love the Path of Exile universe and wish you could play in it even when you’re not sitting at your PC or console, maybe you’ll fancy a pen-and-paper game set in the same world. We’re not kidding! Last night, Grinding Gear Games announced The Lord’s Labyrinth, a pen-and-paper gamebook for the game written by the inimitable Chris Kluwe (yes that Chris Kluwe) and illustrated by Jerry Gu and Jason Hong.

“The Lord’s Labyrinth is a ‘choose your own path’ type of book,” Grinding Gear says – it looks like a solo adventure. “You are Weylin of Ezomyr, an Ezomyte slave. Captured as a child and raised as a gladiator, you will be offered the chance to undergo the trials of the mad Emperor Izaro and his Lord’s Labyrinth. As Weylin, it is up to you to decide how the story will play out. Every choice is yours and yours alone. Some will lead to death, some to glory, and all will traverse the darkest paths of Wraeclast’s accursed past.”

Looks like Grinding Gear is going to offer multiple ways to get it too.

“The gamebook (as well as other physical goods) will be available for higher tiers of the new Core Supporter Packs which are expected to be released at the end of this year. We do plan to sell the gamebook (in potentially digital as well as physical versions) outside Supporter Packs, but it will likely happen only after the end of these new Supporter Packs (so do not expect it to be available for direct purchase in the near future, but it will be eventually).”


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Tee Parsley

Path of Exile’s lore and backstory are really quite excellent, better than what’s produced in most high budget AAA and MMO games.

Happy to see the expansion in media….


Soon to be followed by, MALLIFICARUM, Baby’s first book of bedtime Wraeclast stories.

It will include, The Littlest Abbatoir, Where’s Doedre’s Tongue? Happy Hillock and his Happy Friends on the Beach, and the wildly popular, The Real Reason the Templar doesn’t wear Pants!

Get your’s today!