Dungeons and Dragons Online opens up the first preview of Update 44 for a very limited time


Players of Dungeons and Dragons Online, take note: Your first look at some of the features of Update 44 is about to go live today, October 29th, for only a few short days.

The first preview of the update will contain some of the features coming to the full release such as the Keep on the Borderlands adventure pack and its adventure zone, public space, and four of its eight dungeons; new named loot; some new UI elements; and (most importantly) horsies.

The preview will go live sometime this afternoon and will be up until Thursday, October 31st. The devs will also be hosting an event on Wednesday, October 30th, between 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. EDT to collect feedback and answer questions on Lamannia. Those who are looking forward to specifics of what this preview will bring are advised to keep up with this forum thread, which will update with full release notes when the preview goes live.

source: official forums, thanks DDOCentral!
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Marty Woods

Always wanted to give this game a try and never really got around to it.The problem is the impression I get is that given there are now several expansions to it and that people say a lot of the content is locked behind significant paywalls that it is a game would be considerably more expensive than other alternatives that I am equally interested in . Also I have my doubts about how healthy the populations are so that is a concern as well .

Definitely would go for it if they went down the route of AA Unchained .


There is a lot of pay-locked content, and it is rather quiet, but you do slowly earn cash shop currency through playing the game and after all these years there’s also an absolute ton of content you can play for free (like the Stream Team group is doing). I’d certainly recommend downloading it and jumping in to give it a try!


The companion explorer area for the Keep on the Borderlands adventure pack is very expansive, large enough to make the new mount feature almost a necessity.

Danny Smith

Begun again the launcher wars have.

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Man … lot of memories of the PNP version of Keep on the Borderlands. I’m looking forward to seeing SSG’s take on it. I was pretty happy with White Plume Mountain, so I have high hopes for this.