Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 5.1: Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

Ah yes, teamwork.

It’s patch day once again forĀ Final Fantasy XIV, and if you think that means the game has made tons of things available for players to do once more… well, you’d be right. This is a reliable pattern now. If you had forgotten that this particular patch also brings a new launcher for the game, though, consider this your reminder so you aren’t shocked when the launcher looks wildly different once you boot things up. It’s a change.

Aside from the launcher, of course, players will have new beast tribe quests to undertake for the Pixies, new main scenario quests, a new alliance raid, a new dungeon, new custom deliveries, new gear to acquire… lots of things, in other words. Check out the full patch notes if you want a clearer picture of what to work through, or just take a gander at the trailer one more time before you start bringing a whole mess of shadow all over again.

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