Gloria Victis brings freebuilding to guild castles in the latest update


Nothing instills a sense of pride quite like having your own place in the world of an MMO, whether it’s an individual housing plot or a shared space for you and your guildmates. Home is a person’s castle, after all, and the newest update to Gloria Victis will let guilds create their own customized castles thanks to the use of freebuilding features.

With the latest update, every guild that owns a guild province is now able to build their own castles, fortifications, and buildings. The update has also added two new castles for three castles of each type and two new guild provinces in order to let all nations have access to the new guild castle features. Since being able to freely build a guild castle is such a drastic change, all existing guild castle fortifications had to be wiped out. However, players will have a few days to build their castles safely without being attacked.

Of course, building a castle does have some limitations to consider, so it’s worth the time for Gloria Victis players to read over the patch notes, which offer deeper instructions on how freebuilding for guild castles works. It also details the changes made in general with this update, as patch notes often do.

source: Steam
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