Blizzard previews WoW’s BlizzCon esports as more Overwatch 2 leaks surface


Those of you who aren’t concerned about esports for World of Warcraft will likely remain unconcerned with the announcement of the precise schedule for the Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International at this year’s BlizzCon. Those of you who are deeply invested, however, will be happy seeing players compete after one another (and AI opponents) for a grand prize of $330,000 in both fields, meaning $660,000 total. It’s going to be running all through BlizzCon, so you’ll have to choose between tournament brackets and informational panels.

Meanwhile, there’s more rumored leaking taking place, as a supposed piece of Overwatch 2 art has been claimed as located within Blizzard’s online store. The print depicts several existing characters charging into battle, but several of them are in alternate costumes (Reinhardt isn’t wearing his helmet, Genji is wearing a hoodie, Mei appears to have less fur on her coat) and the named-but-not-playable Echo is among them. As with any and all of the leaks this close to the event, it remains to be seen if this is legitimate; you’ll only need to wait until the end of the week to learn.

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