Black Desert launches Sail and Prevail event on PC, Mystic on Xbox One


PC Black Desert fans, it’s time to bring your brand new boats back to port. Just kidding. It’s all boats, all the time in the Kakao-run version of the game, as a week after the launch of the sailor-centric Great Expedition patch, the studio is doubling down on the oceangoing events with the Sail and Prevail content: “During the event period, you will receive 5 times the Sailing EXP for defeating the following monsters such as Hekaru, Ocean Stalker, and more!” You can also look forward to a new month of loyalty rewards and a smattering of class changes in the patch notes.

Meanwhile, over in the game’s Xbox One version, the Mystic has officially arrived! “An incredibly powerful brawler with the ability to pummel her opponents using martial-arts, Mystic is the perfect choice for fans of close-range combat,” Pearl Abyss says. “Mystic utilizes two key weapons, the Gauntlets and Vambrace, that give her the ability to perform a wide variety of powerful skills.” Creepin’ toward parity!

Source: Press release, patch notes

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