Final Fantasy XI offers fantastic items to players in the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign


Adventurers of Vana’diel, you are appreciated! We’re sure that everyone playing Final Fantasy XI appreciates the appreciation, but what’s even nicer than the intangible sense of being appreciated is stuff. So it’s nice that the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign kicking off on November 10th isn’t just about giving you a pat on the back and a note of appreciation; it’s about giving you things of value if you don’t already have them, and giving you other things of value if you do already have all of them.

For each day you log in during the campaign period, you’ll receive one of four items in order: an echad ring, a Red Crab mount, a Kupofried Trust companion, and a Vana’clock. That means a big boost to your experience points, a mount to roam all over in safety, another boost to experience points, and yet another boost to experience. Players who already have these items, meanwhile, will gain red mog pells and AMAN vouchers to exchange for other valuable rewards as desired. So whether you’re an old hand at the game or just starting fresh, your four logins will not go unrewarded.

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These are the same exact items they always give for it

Kickstarter Donor

Yup, was scratching my head trying to figure out if this was all the same stuff I already had. Doesn’t make the headline any less true, I guess, but it did seem like it’s something new.