Fortnite brings new Fortnitemares for 2019, Red Dead Online adds a spooky limited-time Showdown Mode


Even the Not-So-Massively games are dressing up for Halloween! Case in point: Fortnite, which recently released its 2019 edition of the Fortnitemares event, and Red Dead Online, which is getting into the spooky spirit with a thematically appropriate limited-time Showdown.

Fortnitemares 2019 is bringing plenty of Halloween-themed fun to the multiplayer shooter like an LTM that has players facing off against the Storm King and a community-made free-for-all mode where the first to five eliminations in a row wins (and getting taken out before then resets your count). There’s also a new Cryptic Curse bundle for purchase that features some cosmetics and unlocks challenges to earn more style choices for those cosmetics. Fortnitemares runs from now until November 4th.

As for the digital wild west of RDO, the latest update brings the Fear of the Dark Showdown Mode, where players must take out “supernaturally fast, tough, and strong” Night Stalkers before time runs out. As powerful as these Night Stalkers are, they can be weakened by collecting their skull masks from around the map, which also strengthens the team’s weapons. Victory only comes by getting all the masks and killing all the Night Stalkers. This new mode will be available until November 12th.