Here’s what to expect from the inaugural Path of Exile ExileCon in November

Path of Exile’s first fan convention, ExileCon, is just a few weeks away, and now Grinding Gear Games is dropping gobs of info on what to expect, both for attendees and for those of us stuck at home instead of going to gorgeous New Zealand, which is currently in glorious spring mode. I might be pretty jealous of MOP’s attendee right now!

“ExileCon is taking place in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday, November 16 and Sunday, November 17, 2019 at the beautiful Aotea Centre and will feature huge announcements and hands-on previews for large expansions to Path of Exile including the 3.9.0 expansion (December 2019) and the highly-anticipated 4.0.0 mega-expansion (late 2020 launch estimate). The event culminates with the 2019 Path of Exile race finals and the spectacular ExileCon Closing Party.”

Those of us watching from home will be tuning in at 3 p.m. EST on Friday, November 15th, for the preshow and keynote, and then every single other panel will follow since GGG is streaming everything for free, unlike some other publishers that use these kinds of events as a way to milk money from distant fans. Ahem.

In addition to a meetup with David Brevik, Max Schaefer, and Erich Schaefer, plus the content deep-dives mentioned above, we’re getting panels on world gen, the evolution of the game’s renderer, and visual effects, as well as some esports in the form of the Path of Exile 2019 Race Finals with $10K on the line.

Source: Press release

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