Kingdom Under Fire 2 touts the real-time strategy side of its gameplay in the latest video


Sure, Kingdom Under Fire 2 has plenty of classes to choose from so you can wade into the thick of battle, but there’s also bunches of troops at your command that you’ll want to utilize as well. Command of those troops is the primary focus of the game’s latest video, which offers a quick sizzle trailer look at the RTS part of the MMOARTS.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 touts the ability to recruit over 80 different troops from 12 different factions to form your perfect army. There are a variety of troop types to choose from, including the curse-slinging Orc Sorcerer, the Hironeiden Heavy Cavalrymen, the fire magic-wielding Royal Wizard, and larger units like the Orc Scorpion and Ogre. Furthermore, your troops can be improved by leveling them up, granting them new gear, and giving them new abilities.

The game’s landing page has a section that breaks down some of the different troop types on offer, but you can get a look at some of the RTS gameplay in the trailer below. The game itself will launch on Thursday, November 14th.

source: press release
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