RuneScape Mobile is now in early access on Android for all subscribers


Oh, you thought that mobile phone games were free from the early access flu? You sweet summer child, Jagex would like a word. RuneScape has launched this week in early access for Android devices, though it also appears to be the full game instead of a game that’s 80% complete.

RuneScape Mobile touts a variety of features including a fully redesigned UI to make playing the game on mobile devices easy and full cross-platform play with the PC game to let players take their characters on the go. The early access is specifically open to Android devices and to subscribers of RuneScape, but it’s otherwise completely free to all players who fall into those columns. Players who decide to jump into early access will net themselves a bundle of freebies including a Steel Panther Combat Pet, a unique rest animation, and the Radiant Dawn Armor.

The length of early access wasn’t elaborated on in the press release, but subbers who are interested in seeing the mobile version of RuneScape and helping the devs out are welcome to download it from Google Play now.

source: press release

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Excellent. And just in time for a Happy Halloween. Thanks, Jagex!