TERA’s console versions just got Unmasked – here’s the trailer

Console fans are in for a treat and not a trick this week as En Masse has launched TERA’s Unmasked update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As MOP’s Eliot sussed out a week ago, the update is a mash-up of the PC’s Guardians of the Sky update and a bunch of more recent quality of life features too.

“Guardian Legion Missions will send players soaring into the unfriendly skies to take on enemies in airborne combat. In Rhapsody of Wind and Fire, players fly around collecting orbs to destroy the desert wraiths trying to take down the skywhales. In Search and Destroy, the job pits flying players against alien drones waiting for the mothership to arrive. […] Everyone looking for a new challenge will want to head to the Red Refuge dungeon for level 65 players. The Valkyon Federation has determined that it is the base of the Red Riders, and it is up to players to take down three BAMs within. Successful completion has a chance to reward the team with a killer mask with its own unique set of bonuses.”

The update is already live and yep, it’s free-to-play.

Source: Press release, official site
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It’s called unmasked yet everyone has a mask?

Jo Watt

Cant get unmasked if you are not wearing a mask!

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They mask their feelings.