EVE Online is getting the Twitch Plays treatment, and you can join in right now


You folks remember a years back when when Twitch Plays Pokemon blew up, right? It originally started out as a social experiment, allowing Twitch watchers to spam the chat to try to control the bot running the game as a group. It morphed into a brief internet phenomenon with whole factions dedicated to winning. Since then, it’s become a much broader format, covering many games with the input of watchers.

But apparently, Twitch Plays has never done an MMORPG until now. As of last night, the stream has dived into EVE Online’s New Eden. It seems like a pretty small following right now, with under 200 people participating, and somehow, the bot isn’t being completely owned by the populace. Of course, it’s Halloween, and this thing hasn’t even been running a whole 24 hours yet. Give ’em a few days.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysEVE on www.twitch.tv

Source: Twitter

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Karl Killmarx

This is really nicely implemented as a Twitch extension. There are some bugs and limitations as you would expect in the first days, but there are active admins to keep things moving.

Because commands are issued through the extension instead of through chat commands, you can still effectively communicate with the other players in Twitch chat. (You won’t be able to issue commands on mobile, though.)

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Also, I’ve seen some spicy comments like: “This is a waste of the game developers’ time” or “This clearly violates the games EULA in various ways.” However, this project is created by a player with special approval from the game developers. You can see his presentation at EVE Vegas here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/499942894?t=02h10m30s. (He takes a while to get to talking about the actual project.)