GTA Online lets you play as an alien in its new survival series and adds a sweet trike


Playing as an extraterrestrial is pretty cool, don’t get me wrong, but Grand Theft Auto Online also added a completely sick-looking three-wheeled motorcycle to the game. I’m not entirely sure why this thing delights me so much, but it really does.

Say hello to the Western Rampant Rocket, a “supercharged fantasy on three wheels” that looks like a dragster in motorcycle form. It also looks difficult to steer, but who needs steering when you look this good? Entire American muscle cars were built on that same principle.

There’s more to the latest update than impressive bikes, of course. There’s also the Alien Survival Series that lets players take on the role of extraterrestrials and fight of waves of NOOSE teams, FIB agents, and Marines. This week will also dish out double rewards for every Alien Survival to incentivize blasting those filthy humans.

There’s also lots of Halloween-related goodies like double rewards for playing horror-themed modes like Lost vs. Damned, Come Out to Play, and Beast vs. Slasher from now until November 6th, the return of the Lurcher Hearse and the Fränken Stange vehicles, and Halloween masks all at a 35% discount. There’s other stuff to rake in and get as well, so make sure to read through the Rockstar Games site for all of the specifics.


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Artem Peresada

That tricycle is about the saddest piece of garbage you can buy, having a massive V8 with a supercharger it not only accelerates slower than a Bati 801, but doesn’t even reach 115mph. Need I even talk about the god awful steering? Or perhaps something as small as the caps on the blowers only having 2 fixed positions (open/closed) instead of a fluid animation? It doesn’t even sound unique. If you want a trike that you can have at least some fun with get a chimera, at least you can wheelie on her and listen to the pleasant growling, that being about it in terms of ‘fun’. Although you weren’t wrong about it being “sick-looking” I certainly am feeling a bit of discomfort in my prefrontal cortex and minor pain in the eye region.