Legends of Aria details the process of moving house to the new merged Ethereal Moon server

Pack it in.

Ready to pack it in and move servers in Legends of Aria? The new Ethereal Moon server beckons all players, but for players with houses the process will be a bit different from simply finding yourself moved on to the new server. No, you’ll need to start off by specifically packing up your house, which bundles your land deed, house, and a couple thousand items into a box which you can subsequently bring to the new server to unpack.

Players who already own land will get a deed for the same size, but you will still need to hunt down and claim land as the new server’s regions open, starting with Black Forest and the Barren Lands at 9 p.m. EDT today. The other areas will open on a rolling schedule, so it’s up to each player if you want to aim for these earlier areas or take the chance at having fewer areas open later. Of course, that all depends on how many players from other servers are packing up plots for moving day. If you’d forgotten about the server move, of course, we’ve discussed it before; it’s part of the game’s general switch into more of a hybrid free-to-play model.

Source: Mailing list
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