Sea of Thieves discusses expansion to the Pirate Emporium and November update plans


Another week, another developer update video starring Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate talking about all the things. For this week’s edition, we get to hear about the Pirate Emporium along with what’s next for the cash shop and some vague ideas on what’s coming up for November.

On the subject of the cash shop, Neate remarked that the offerings in the Emporium will be expanding. Players can look forward to seasonal cosmetic items including instruments and pets starting in November with the theme of Thanksgiving. Neate does go out of his way to reaffirm that the Emporium will only be a place for fun and silly items to be sold instead of power items, and that the cash shop is being used to cover investment into Sea of Thieves. “It’s not about getting into a hugely profitable position, it’s about actually just continuing to justify further investment [in the game],” says Neate.

Neate then went on to talk about the game’s monthly update plans. Updates will still come on a monthly basis, but they’ll be arriving between the second and third Wednesday of every month based on a variety of factors such as dev time, holidays, and when other games are getting new things. Players will be given lots of notice when updates are due. Speaking of which, November’s update is due to land on the 20th; specifics on just what’s in this update are not revealed, but fans should stay tuned.

The video also talks about the ongoing Gold and Glory event in Adventure Mode, mentions that a similar event is due to arrive to Arena Mode very soon, and brings up the known issue of equipment and cosmetics not persisting with every login. Be sure to check the video below for all of the details.

source: YouTube
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