Yet another Diablo 4 leak suggests Blizzard’s going back to its gothic Diablo roots

More like Dia-BLOWs, right?

It seems as if we’ve had no end to the leaks for games supposedly being revealed at tomorrow’s BlizzCon kickoff, especially for Diablo 4. So far, we’ve seen multiple rumors relating to a Diablo art book and its associated advertising that take the existence of a fourth game in the franchise for granted. There have even been unsubstantiated claims that Diablo 4 will be a looter-shooter. (We seriously don’t think that one’s happening.)

Well, here’s some more grist for the mill: There’s been another round of leaks on the Diablo subreddit.

“Diablo 4 is actually going to look dark, gritty and gross – no more rainbow shiny bullshit this time! Loactions are toned down, infrequently laid with corpses, wasteland, greyish deserts, clut caves surrounded by flesh, rotten crypts, marshes and bogs, plagued cities you name it. They are also seemingly much bigger, maybe even open? Characters now are able to ride horses (possibly other mounts), also there’s contextual interaction with environment ? – climbing a wall Lost Ark style. Blood splatters look more like blood and not splashed jam too.

So far i can confirm 3 classes: mage (uses fire, ice and lightning so far), barbarian (swords, clubs, axes, kicks etc), and druid (lightning, wind, and transforming into beasts – so far bear and werewolf!). Possibly there will be PvP from the start?. 4 player coop is there for sure.

All this game seems to be is a W I N K to the Diablo 2 fans, Lilith being the new diablo (she’s covered in blood veil kinda), characters being shown sitting at a campfire as character selection, nitty gritty dark style that 2 was praised for, some skills also seem to be just taken from it and put in here (like sorceress’ charged bolt). I’m interested and hope they don’t fuck this up. The company is bad, but the game might not be this time.”

As VG247 points out, the leaker has dropped multiple leaks for other games in the past that were proven true, and Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad has said it “lines up with everything [he’s] heard about” the game. Plus? It just makes sense that Blizzard would be eager to head back to its roots and mollify the core Diablo fanbase it riled up last year with Diablo Immortal. Guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Source: Reddit via VG247
MOP reader Mordyjuice points out more pages of the artbook have now been uploaded – and yeah, it looks pretty gothic.

Diablo 4 – all artbook pages


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Nick Smith

All this news makes me a little excited. Going to re-download Diablo III and play some!

Matt Genaro

This is just some obvious forged speculation to please the ears of those who (used to) like the game. Even it’s true, I don’t have any faith on Blizzard’s games in the near future.


Diablo 4 won’t be done for like 4 years they had zero info on it last year and the rumor was they rebooted the game like 3 times before people quit last year. This stuff is leaking now because the Hong Kong stuff and blizzard taking that charity money they don’t want people to protest at blizzcon


After that mobile fiasco + HongKong stuff I expect a major crap show this year considering Blizzard is losing touch with reality.


It’s the only thing that can save them or detract from a sea of yellow umbrellas and meme costumes at Blizzcon.


I bet there will be a lot of people that will be over their Blizzard boycott once Diablo 4 is released.

Not to be a smart-alec, but it’s easy to boycott a game company when they don’t have much you want to play at the time. We’ll see who the true boycotters are once Diablo 4 came out. I’m sure a lot of them will say “But I am just over the boycott because it’s been long enough!”

If Blizzard policies are the same by the time it comes out, a true boycotter will not buy the game. Being a criminal and pirating the game is not a fair compromise either.

I’m all for boycotting Blizzard (I’m not doing it as I wasn’t playing anything of theirs and have said right along if something was good enough I’d play it still), and many huge kudos for all of those with active WoW subs that dropped them and people who actually walked away from Blizzard games that they were actively playing.

It’s just so many people joined in to say they were in the boycott who weren’t playing their stuff or going to play any of the current products anyway at the time that it irritates me. If you weren’t buying any of their products or services anyway, you’re not boycotting them by continuing to do that. Once something comes out that you actually want to play, if you don’t buy that, then you can count yourself in on the boycott.

Bullet Teeth

I’ll be the absolute first to agree with you to the letter. I love the bandwagoning that goes on with a proper protest until your favorite franchise throws a new class/expansion/update/sequel your way. Then all of them run back with their hands over their faces.

Every “boycott” I’ve ever taken part in I’ve done so based on principle. For example: When the original Secret World came out, EA was on the box. Someone actually gifted it to me because I refused to pay my money to buy a goddamn thing with EA on the box. Still never bought jack-all from EA. Being from Alabama, college football is like a religion almost – if EA revises the franchise, I’ll still be stoic and refuse.

Fuck EA. And the rest of these AAA publishers.

Danny Smith

“infrequently laid with corpses, wasteland, greyish deserts, clut caves surrounded by flesh, rotten crypts, marshes and bogs, plagued cities you name it”

So act 2 and 5 of Diablo 3 then. Boy some folks are just never letting that launch reveal anger go are they?


With all due respect to D3 haters, D3’s Act 1, Act 3, Act 5, parts of Act 2 and Act 4, as well as added areas from the scrapped expansion like Grey Hollow Island, Temple of the First Born, the Moors, hell even the Barbarian Hinterlands (not so much the Leoric Areas which felt like cheap retreads) were all suitably Gothic and Horrific.


This info has been out for a few days. The game definitely should be alot darker then d3 which really took the franchise in a very wrong direction. The story will be stupid as it always was, but hey I hope the game is great and takes alot of my gaming time. I am excited for d4 and I can’t say that about 99% of the games that will be coming out in the next two years.


Surely I’m not the only one who can only read this “leak” as a PR push from Blizzard to improve pre-BlizzCon sentiment. The quote from Reddit sounds like someone was handed a bullet point list to promote the game.