Dauntless revels in the spookiness with the Haunted Shadows season pass


Halloween may be technically over, but Dauntless is still having plenty of fun with the theme with this season’s Haunted Shadows battle pass, which is full of ghoulish style for players to either buy or earn in-game.

For the next few weeks, Slayers of Dauntless will be able to earn a variety of goodies including emotes, hunt arrivals, costumes, consumables, and weapon skins all themed around the Dark Harvest and the mysterious Unseen. There are also a variety of new things in the game’s store to mark the season as well, including some free items thanks to players’ ability to solve a riddle.

Of course, the new update hasn’t only brought cosmetics to Dauntless. There were a number of updates made to the game including buffs to several Behemoths in the Heroic+ tier and nerfs to Attack Speed cells and perks among other updates. Feel free to check those notes for more, and preview the treats waiting within this season’s battle pass in the video below.

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