Final Fantasy XIV shows off the new features of patch 5.1’s group pose camera

I like the way you move.

With all of the other new content in Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest patch, you could be forgiven for not taking a whole lot of screenshots with the /gpose feature thus far. As a result, though, you may have missed all of the new stuff added with the patch, but the developers have helpfully recapped everything in the most recent development entry. For example, if you’re riding pillion on someone else’s mount, you can now take pictures! Say, if your friend is getting you all your aether currents. (They know. Of course they know.)

Equally nice is the option to turn off display for roaming NPCs, monsters, and even other players if you want, letting your perfect shot not be ruined by the lalafell in a pig suit and an afro. There’s also a manual brightness adjustment if you need it, all tricks to make sure that you can take better screenshots than ever in a variety of settings.