Guild Wars 2’s next episode launches November 19 as console rumors resurface


For those who maybe weren’t watching every second of Guild Wars 2’s Twitch channel during ArenaNet’s Extra Life charity stream on Friday – like, say, you were watching BlizzCon – you maybe missed out on a little announcement that was slipped in during the broadcasts. Specifically, the launch date for the game’s next Living World episode.

In a Twitch clip that was shared on Twitter by @that_shaman and since confirmed by us, the team at ArenaNet announced that Episode 1: Whisper in the Dark is arriving on Tuesday, November 19th. Details are scant on just what this episode is all about, but as you can see in the clip, it promises that “the Boneskinner is coming.”

In other Guild Wars 2 news, a job posting discovered by a Redditor for a senior gameplay programmer appears to hint at the possibility of a console version of the MMO or some other sort of console release from the studio; at the bottom of the posting under “Education/Experience,” one of the things ArenaNet is looking for is someone who has “previously shipped on a console.” Of course, this is pure speculation and is also likely something that won’t happen years down the line, especially given that we know at least one console game was canceled ahead of this year’s mass layoffs, but it does make one curious.

As for the Episode 1 tease, we’ve embedded the video where it was made below, set to play at the moment of the announcement.



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Matthäus Wey

Although I liked the prolog I hope for more than a few rearranged assets for the first full release.


Looks like I’ll be getting to this eventually, I still think the game circling the drain but I might as well enjoy it while I can.

Besides my wife has a working PC again so I’m sure she will want to play GW2 again.

Anton Mochalin

I remember MightyTeapot saying something like “people are returning to GW2 again and again after trying to quit just because there’s no other game quite like it out there” and that was said during a discussion which consisted mostly of criticizing GW2 for a whole lot of different issues and how many streamers/YouTubers leave the game.

There are always things to do in GW2 and it’s practically impossible to “beat” GW2 and it has its own unique way to do many things. The issues with GW2 are well known; there isn’t much hope they will be solved; but people are still returning. And it’s still at its core a very good game, a true gem. So we will probably see MMOs being hyped up, released and shut down while GW2 will still be “circling the drain”.


MO leaving was a blow, it’s like Santa Claus quitting the Northpole and leaving the Elves in charge.

I don’t discount anything you said and agree with most of it except minute details.