RuneScape talks about new Farming and Herblore levels arriving in November


RuneScape has a lot of things due to arrive this month. If you somehow managed to miss out on our coverage of this year’s RuneFest and all of the announced goodies coming to the sandbox MMO, then Jagex’s Month Ahead wrap-up has you covered with a closer look at some new Farming and Herblore activities due soon.

Both Farming and Herblore are getting a new level cap of 120, bringing lots of new things to do out on the farm. One of the marquee features, of course, is the ability to rear dinosaurs at the Ranch Out of Time, but RuneScape farmhands can also look forward to unique perks for every animal on the Ranch, the Farming Guild where players can fulfill requests and earn reputation, and new plants like new mushrooms, cacti, and the Money Tree.

Of course, this all works in tandem with new Herblore goodies like brand-new potions, the ability to make bombs of varying types, and Power Burst potions that grant immense boons for about 4-10 seconds at a time. Finally, there’s a new Blessed Flask that will grant an immense 500 Prayer when used, though crafting said item will not be easy owing to the fact that it can only be made using Harmonic Dust from the Ithell district of Prifddinas.

That’s later down the line, of course. As for RuneScape’s immediate future, there’s a new patch that makes some adjustments as well as a new poll looking for player feedback on prioritizing a series of six new pets.

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