The Daily Grind: Is Overwatch 2 just the MMO we wanted before there was an Overwatch?


Going into BlizzCon, the only thing I really cared about was Diablo 4 – chiefly because I loved the Diablo franchise. It was all academic, though, since I was so sure Blizzard wouldn’t apologize and I wouldn’t get to play anyway. So that’s been kinda weird.

The thing is, the Diablo 4 presentation really didn’t blow me away at all. I found myself pretty bored with the gore. I like the spooky, ghostly, creepy, desolate elements of the Diablo set, not so much the blood-soaked grotesquerie, and definitely not whatever eye-searing high-pass sharpen filter and desaturation thing they’re doing to all the graphics (what’s up with that?).

Instead, the game that grabbed me was Overwatch 2. Folks, I’ve been watching my husband play Overwatch for years (at least before the boycotts), and I knew it wasn’t for me – when I want to play a battleground, I want it in an MMO. But Overwatch has style for miles and really fun characters I’ve always wanted to play, so the co-op settings of Overwatch 2? Yeah, that’s a way I can play not just with my husband but with my kid too.

On the other hand, isn’t it kind of obnoxious that Blizzard canned the MMO that Overwatch was supposed to be in order to turn it into a team shooter, only to just now be adding back in the PvE and narrative story content we wanted? Our writers were even coming up with subtitles for the dang game.

Overwatch 2: We Actually Finished Overwatch.
Overwatch 2: The MMO we should’ve just made three years ago
Overwatch 2: Buy The PvE Side You Actually Wanted Please

Is Overwatch 2 just the MMO we wanted before there was an Overwatch? And boycotts aside, do you want to play it?

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I’m pretty sure they’re making Overwatch 2 so they can keep making money off the title with cosmetics, seeing how lockboxes are slowly being kicked out country by country.

Dennis Heffernan

It doesn’t sound like Overwatch 2: PvE Boogaloo is going to allow players to make their own characters. So I’d say no, it’s not the MMO we wanted in the first place.

Which is a shame. With the fall of City of Heroes, Blizzard could have owned superhero MMOs.


No. I’ve seen all of this before. The art style and characters irritate me. The story doesn’t interest me. Instanced content doesn’t interest me.


At the very least it seems to be a step in that direction, and sets the groundwork for them to build more with it.

TBH I’ll be happy with it if it’s anything like Vermintide 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 as the leaks were saying it was.

Also, a full-fledged MMO in the Overwatch universe could actually be interesting with all of the hero/villain elements at play.


I’ve not seen anything yet to suggest that overwatch 2 is going to be an MMO, so I’m going to say it is not the MMO we wanted before overwatch.

It’s unlikely I’ll play it – haven’t played overwatch, don’t really like the IP, and have never really enjoyed any blizzard games for longer than a few hours.

Castagere Shaikura it’s an MMO?


I wish it had a 3rd person view mode… and only go to first person when you aim

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PvE-centric Overwatch is precisely the Overwatch I’ve always wanted, for exactly the reasons you stated. :D


I’d be curious as to what changed becauuase I thought the whole reason they did Overwatch the way they did for actual release was that they felt the MMO version “wasn’t fun”?

David Goodman

I wanted an actual story-based PVE version of Overwatch. Think Borderlands, but without the grating sense of humor or the obnoxious CEO that can’t be trusted with flash drives.

Instead, we have… the same game but with more bots.

Think i’m gonna pass on this one. They seem downright determined to never do anything meaningful with the world they’ve created outside of giving their cinematics team something to do.

(and they ARE great cinematics, it’s just a shame to be paired with the game they are.)