Warframe releases the Old Blood, celebrates Switch anniversary, and boosts Movember


Surprise! Warframe has unleashed another bloody huge torrent of news items all over me! Why am I forsaken? What did I ever do to you, Digital Extremes? Ah well, this is all good stuff as usual, so I really shouldn’t complain, right?

First up, the much-anticipated Old Blood update has now gone live, bringing with it the hungry new Frame Grendel, the new Kuva Lich personal boss system, new melee features, and a rework of Vauban and Ember. As a result of these updates, players who log in between now and December 31st will get themselves three Forma and a seven-day Affinity booster, while those who are MR3 and higher and had their account created before October 18th will also get a free Legendary Core. There will also be some limited-time Alerts running between now and Monday, November 4th.

Meanwhile on the Nintendo Switch version, Warframe is celebrating its first year on the system with a variety of free cosmetics players can earn as well as a free Noggle bobblehead item after finishing an anniversary Alert and a Color Picker from the Market for only one credit.

Finally, the No-Shave November movement to raise awareness for men’s health (aka Movember) is being celebrated in-game with a selection of 10 sweet ‘staches that can be bought in-game for one Credit each and donned by your favorite Frame. Players can use these new styles to enter a contest that’s running until November 14th to net themselves some prizes like Atlas Prime access and Platinum. In addition, Digital Extremes is making a donation to the Movember Foundation at the end of a month.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), cheers Sophiskiai!
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Alex Willis

Really huge update from a gameplay perspective. So much going on under the hood here it’s hard to wrap your brain around! The Kuva Lich system alone is a game-changer.