Ashes of Creation shows off work on castle sieges, building destruction, and mounts in a livestream


This past Thursday saw a number of devs from Ashes of Creation provide updates and details on work being done on the MMORPG. As usual, the stream covered a pretty broad melange of topics including some castle siege previews and mount previews.

Work appears to be well underway on making siege engines work, with the livestream providing a quick look at a trebuchet in action. The trebuchet can be steered around like a vehicle right now, allowing players to position themselves to line up the right shot. Of course, laying siege to a castle isn’t really all that satisfying unless you see those walls get damaged, so the stream offered some still shots of castle ramparts, walls, and bridges after they’ve taken some damage.

The stream also granted a look at s mount from start to finish, both in character model form and final render. One mount, which looks like a cross between a giraffe and an anteater, appears to be more or less ready to ride as the devs showed off several animations as well as a prototype that featured a player riding the mount.

There is also a Q&A session, some word about feedback collection and data, and a look at some of the community-carved Ashes of Creation pumpkins. We’ve embedded the full video below and you can also work through an auto-generated transcript if you hate yourself.

sources: YouTube, Google Docs via Reddit
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