Crowfall gets a nod in HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley


Today in “weird crossovers that we really didn’t expect to happen,” the throne war MMO Crowfall was referenced in and even used for a scene in the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley. Yes, really.

The most recent episode of the series utilized Crowfall for a gag where there’s a video game called Gates of Galloo hawking all sorts of different products from Domino’s Pizza to Paxil. The Crowfall team turned us on to the reference from their official Twitter account, though it sadly appears that the Domino’s has been destroyed as part of the PvP game. Also, you can’t have your characters eat pizza. Pity, that.

We’ll just go ahead and file this random bit of MMO reference in with the same place where Snoop Dogg has some Star Trek Online artwork in his home.

source: Twitter (1, 2

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I saw that. I was laughing my ass off!