Daybreak is still updating PlanetSide Arena, adds chat features and more


Early Access update #5 for PlanetSide Arena has arrived and… well, it’s not exactly what one would call a barnburner of a patch, but there are some helpful little quality-of-life things and improvements that will perhaps be seen as welcome to players.

The game’s recent patch notes detail some new chat features for Squads, including a quick chat feature that issues verbal commands to a squad and a text chat feature that lets players use their fingers to type what they really mean. Won’t that be a treat to read.

The update has also made some animation changes to grenade throwing, class abilities, utilities, and tools; added a new visual model for the Medic Shield Recharge deployable; increased the speed of Decimator rockets; improved ballistics server validation to help alleviate rejected shots or perceived hit registration issues; added Russian language support; and squashed a number of bugs.

So yeah, not really marquee features, but certainly useful ones all the same. Guess we’ll just have to wait for that promised non-battle royale mode for a little while longer as the playerbase continues to shrink. But it is still alive and still getting patches, at least.

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