Ship of Heroes’ character creator beta is running a scavenger hunt event tonight


Ship of Heroes is making the most of its one-week character creator alpha, with multiple events and patches to keep everything humming. “We actually added about 60 new people to the Beta, on the fly yesterday,” Heroic Games says in its latest update. “As far as we know, we are completely caught up with all people who tell us they cannot find their key, etc.”

The devs say that so far they’ve fixed bugs with instance spawning, global chat, and key registration, plus the team is still working on environmental issues (“that invisible cube on the far side of the Science Park), shadows, keybinds, and the “entire list of costume clipping issues” players have submitted so far.

The beta’s final day will be Friday; we’ll be streaming on Thursday, so stay tuned for that. We also discuss the beta on the episode of the Massively OP Podcast coming later today.

Hopping in tonight? You probably should, as the devs are putting on a treasure hunt inside the parts of the playable city open to testers. By the teaser pic, it looks like you’ll be scurrying around hunting for presents… and is that snow?! We’ve included pics of the devs’ costume contest down below – congrats to Nacorah Nightshade for topping the field!


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