The Imperial Realm: Miranda celebrates a decade of work by a single developer

Keeping at it

On Saturday, November 9th, The Imperial Realm: Miranda will have been in development for a solid decade. That in and of itself might not feel like much of a milestone until you remember that this is a large-scale open-world MMORTS… and it’s also being developed by exactly one person. Robert Basler has been working on the game by his lonesome for the last decade, it’s out in early access for you to play now, and now you probably feel much worse about the fact that it took you four days to start building a shelf you bought from Ikea.

Basler explains in his anniversary post that the title was a combination of his passion for RTS games played with friends like Command & Conquer as well as a desire to spend more time around his young daughter. He’d also like people to check out his current game, of course, which is part of why the title is discounted by 20% for a limited time. If you’ve been lamenting the lack of an MMORTS title, this is more than worth your eyeballs; you can also check out our past coverage of the game if you’ve missed it in the past.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Robert for the tip!
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