An Elite: Dangerous player has discovered a generation ship still full of living people


It would seem there are still lots of mysteries to find in the void of Elite: Dangerous. One such discovery was made Twitch streamer Malic_VR live on his channel, where he traced a distress signal back to the Golconda, an immense “generation ship” that, unlike the 15 other ships of its type discovered, actually still contained living people.

The discovery was made by Malic after following a clue dropped during an in-game news report that detailed an apology from the Rockforth Corporation that happened to mention “an unexpected call for supplies from the Upaniklis system.” When Malic headed to the location of the signal, he ran into the Golconda, which left Earth 1,000 years ago at a distance of 172 light years.

Further investigation of the ship found a number of fully voiced audio logs that both describe a ship full of colonists that are being ravaged by a flu-like disease and isolationists who want nothing to do with the outside world. It appears that the captain of the Golconda took it upon himself to try to broadcast a general distress signal without alerting the living souls aboard in order to not make them worried.

It’s unclear what this new discovery will mean for the Elite: Dangerous community as well as whether players can actually decide the Golconda’s fate, but players are certainly free to hop over to the Upaniklis system to track down the ship themselves. We’ve embedded video Malic’s initial discovery below.

source: Twitch via Polygon
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