Black Desert optimizes its PS4 version as PC players quest for sweet, sweet pocky

Black Desert optimizes its PS4 version as PC players quest for sweet, sweet pocky

This week’s Black Desert patch on PC ought to make the lifeskillers and crafters happy. “We are improving the quality of life of all alchemists and chefs by adding new Imperial Cuisine and Alchemy boxes for Imperial Crafting Delivery,” Kakao writes. “While some will be busy crafting, adventurers in love with the ocean can get busy with the new quests for Oquilla’s Eye that we are also adding this week.” And if that’s not to your fancy, there’s also a quest to gather choco sticks, which at first I thought were chocolate-covered pretzels but on closer inspection turn out to be Japanese Pocky. Yum.

Meanwhile, over in the land of PlayStation 4, the Harpy Queen Karanda is here to kick your butts, plus Pearl Abyss has added the Striker and Tamer classes, Rabam skills, Imperial crafting, the PvP Arsha servers, Marni Stones, Yona’s Fragments, and optimization tweaks.

“The first part of our optimization updates is here. This update is aimed to help rendering within large towns and cities, including alleviating invisible walls and helping general issues such as frame drops. To perform these issues, we have had to reduce the number of NPC’s and interactable objects in these places. We also had to make sure that all current quests (and some future quests) will still work as intended, which took quite some time. As we reduced these numbers, we noticed that frame rates became more stable and invisible walls became less frequent. This is not a complete fix, but instead is the first step in many on improving the performance of the game.”

Want to read more about Black Desert? Our own BDO columnist Carlo just tackled the best things to buy in the game’s cash shop in today’s Desert Oasis column.

Source: Patch notes, PS4, press release

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