Diablo IV’s developers are hoping to get crossplay working for the upcoming Blizzard title

Another one of these, but the art is more boring.

You may or may not think that Diablo IV is going in the right direction overall (our Not So Massively columnist isn’t a fan thus far), but this is a point wherein the development team is definitely going the right way. During an interview with the Telegraph, executive producer Allen Adham specifically mentioned crossplay as one of the features that the team is looking forward to incorporating for the game’s launch:

We’re very excited about crossplay. There are technical details and details to work through with the first parties, but it’s our goal to get to crossplay.

Obviously, the game’s release is a way off, and this is far from an absolute statement of crossplay. After all, needing to work things out with the first parties is the thing preventing cross-play for a large number of different games that would benefit from it. Nevertheless, it’s still an indication that while the game has an ambitious four-platform launch plan, more than usual for Blizzard, it’s also looking to keep players together in a game even more online than its immediate predecessor.

Source: Telegraph via VG24/7

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I was actually super impressed how well Diablo 3 works on the Switch console. It’s pretty great and it’s my preferred platform now for the game. Being able to play with more people I guess would be a plus, not exactly like there’s a ton of conversation to be had when mindlessly slaughtering hordes of demons.


I still find it interesting that they didnt announce it for the upcoming consoles. Obviously the upcoming consoles could play it, I just hope graphics arent turned down overall if the focus is on the current gen of consoles.

Bruno Brito

Considering that all the games that introduce x-play become buggy messes, i can say that Blizzard is either the one studio that can pull this off, or they’ll nail the coffin on that discussion.

Sasha Alex

Could be a good thing between consoles.

Marko Zivkovic

lol good luck with that, they cant even do region cross progression for Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm.