LOTRO weathers Minas Morgul launch day bumps, promises soundtrack


Because evil never sleeps in Mordor, it is always coming up with new ways to mess up game launches. That’s the true insidious nature of Sauron, after all, as he used to be an IT professional for Microsoft. Anyway, Lord of the Rings Online: Minas Morgul had a somewhat rocky start last night, with an enemy pathing problem requiring the game to be taken offline and fixed.

Things look better this morning, and the creative team behind the expansion is enjoying a well-deserved celebration.

Composer Bill Champagne said that he is already working on getting his new Minas Morgul soundtrack on Twitter “soon” (i.e. sometime during the next few weeks).

Source: Twitter
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glenn woodcock

I just wish they would make it 4k friendly since I changed my tv its a bit of a pain to play lotro .


Yup. I know that those of us playing at 4k resolution are in a very small minority, but they already have a partially functional interface scaling option in the game. If it could be reworked so that the scaler affects everything in the UI including all the text, that would be more than sufficient to make the game properly playable in 4k.

As it is, I run it in an intermediary resolution as a compromise between pixel density and text readability. Obviously it’s not enough of a problem to keep me from playing, but it’s a definite want-to-have for me. :)


I’m two updates behind, but that is ok because in LOTRO I somehow never feel left behind when catching up.

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Completely agree. It’s very much about the journey in LOTRO for me. The only time I was ever at level cap was during SoM when it was 65, and even then all I did was wait for more content to be added rather than pursue the endgame.


Heck, I took a hiatus for a couple years so I haven’t even experienced half of Gondor yet. Still my favorite virtual world to explore though, and it delights me that every time I return there is an abundance of new content to see!


I’m too low-level to care about the expansion, but the update brought changes to the daily present system that I’m very happy with.