Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC launch didn’t go as smoothly as Rockstar hoped


Surprising only people with little online gaming experience, Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC launch was a bit of a mess yesterday, as the Reddit began filling up with complaints from gamers who couldn’t even get past the Rockstar launcher into the game itself.

Last night, Rockstar pushed out a patch for the launcher itself, intended to fix the initialization, preload, exit, and crash bugs, but of course there’s plenty off about the game itself once you do get in, including FPS and audio problems. The studio does recommend updating your graphics drivers to help out; that’s all part of a longer troubleshooting guide erected yesterday.

Not all of the bugs are even particularly unwelcome. To wit:

Christmas came early, thanks to a bug from RDR2

As we noted yesterday, mod uploads are already underway on Nexus, though there are only a few so far, plus some art packs from Rockstar. The quickstart save files might come in handy!

In other news, if you fancy yourself a hacker, maybe check out Rockstar’s vulnerability bounty system. Yep, they’re gonna pay you if you unearth exploits. Just, you know, do it this way, not that way.

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I always thought I’d get this one right at release, and yet I am in the middle of some other things right now where I don’t really have room to fit this in to play it.

So I’m skipping it for now and hoping maybe a sale will come along soon enough that gets me to buy it despite my reservations.

I really would like to get in the online part of it before it’s full of “modders” (as the cheaters like to call themselves these days despite it being completely different from modding) like GTA Online is.

Maybe if I wait a month or three they’ll work out some issues that would have been here if I had bought it today at least.

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Several hardware sites have been mentioning that some AMD Ryzen CPU users have been experiencing issues. All sort of possible band-aids like updating their motherboard BIOS have been tossed around. If you are needing to update your BIOS, some stuff is seriously crazy with the game/system LOL.


It’s not just on PC, oddly enough most of the bugs just add to the entertainment value.


The game definitely needs work for PC controls, there’s a number of UI elements I’ve found that don’t have a mouse hover state but are click to use, so if you want a description of it you’ll need to use arrow keys to highlight it. Also tapping the A or D keys caused my horse to spin in circles rather than turn slightly left or right. I ended up switching to a controller after an hour or so, less precise but also less frustrating.

Hard to say on the optimization side. I found very little difference in performance between the medium and ultra settings on a 1440p monitor with a 1080ti. Framerate hovered around 50fps at a wide range of settings, so I ended up just cranking them all to max. If it’s going to run at under 60fps regardless, might as well be as pretty as possible.

Still, I’m enjoying my time with it. Just finished what seems like the tutorial and out into the main game, so excited to explore.


I had a feeling. Rockstar is one of those companies who feel like charging the consumer to beta test their games for them. When I buy a game, I want it to work out of the box. I’m radical that way. I say, wait about 6 months. In the meantime, buy a good game, like Outer worlds, that actually works and is playable.

ichi sakari

I was able to log on and play the story mode and online with only one bump, but my bud (who has a potato compared to the rig I built for SC) is RockStar-blocked by launcher issues

good graphics but it may take some time to figure out the controls, very very much a beta on PC

Matthew Yetter

I had an issue where the game kept crashing during the startup video blurbs. What fixed it for me was adding an exception for my antivirus.


UI is defective to the point where it took few hours to figure out how to buy stuff from vendors because “buy” button disappear on mouse-over on products. Also RDOnline is the most pay-to-remove-inconvenience product I’ve ever seen, by a wide margin – with everything nudging you toward buying in-game currency for $$$, starting from inflated travel ticket prices to cosmetics to guns. Due to the ticket prices combined with low initial income I have to use instance restarts for “instant” travel between regions. WTH is this I don’t even…

Feels like an indie product. Although landscapes are pretty good, for sure.