Astellia Online’s newest patch adds in a new Astel for fighting dragons

Wheedle deedle

It is assumed by the writer of this piece that the newest Astel in Astellia Online’s roster, added with today’s patch, is quite adept at fighting dragons. His name is Ignagon, the Dragon Warrior, and he does not appear to be a dragon himself or a localized NES RPG, so we may safely assume that his name is indicating that he is skilled in against dragons. Or maybe as a dragon? It’s a little unclear. Heck, we haven’t even checked his resume; he might have just taken a correspondence course on fighting dragons and thought puffing things up would make him more attractive to employers.

Regardless of Ignagon’s job credentials, the patch also marks the end of the Halloween event and it rotates out certain costumes from the cash shop, replaced by other costumes for the moment. There’s also the second part of the legendary dungeons available now, meaning that Macarzan Basin, Archduke Caleonid’s Mansion, and Fortenora Underground Prison are all open for business. You could bring Ignagon with you if you wanted! We assume that he’s decent at warring with things other than dragons, too.

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Dug From The Earth

Wish this game had a bigger selection of Astels. So many cool things in the game, it would have been cool if you could pick/capture the ones you wanted.