Bless Unleashed has officially entered open beta on Xbox One

We have alternate titles but you can't see 'em.

Bless Unleashed is journeying into open beta on Xbox One today, and it’s not without baggage. The game is a Neowiz/Round 8 Studio collab being published by Bandai Namco expressly for the Xbox One. It’s not a direct port of the now-failed Bless Online MMORPG PC, as both of our previews to date demonstrate; the game has been built for console as an action-combat MMO first and foremost, with little more than the setting and some art assets being shared between the titles. The PC version of Bless, unfortunately, sunsetted September 9th.

Unleashed claims to focus on “hardcore MMO players” and boasts “deep combo-driven mechanics, player customization, and cooperative and competitive multiplayer.”

“Starting today, November 7, 2019, until November 21, 2019, the Bless Unleashed open beta is intended to give players an in-depth look at the upcoming action-MMORPG before it launches in early 2020. The open beta will enable the development team to test systems, ensure server stability, and engage the community for valuable pre-launch player feedback.”

Neowiz and Bandai Namco have been talking up hefty changes to the game between its closed beta and today’s open beta, and apparently now the level cap has been raised to 30 as well. Beta players who jump into the free-to-play launch game – expected in “early 2020” – will pick up a perk pack and title too.

Further reading on the Bless/Bless Unleashed saga:

Source: Press release
And it’s live!


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David Blair
2 years ago

I feel like Bless should be some kind of annual challenge, where you sign-up with a team of friends, download the assets, and create a version of Bless to compete against the other competitors’ versions for prizes or something…

Riccardo Tavano
2 years ago

Wait…so they actually are Re-re-re-re-re-re-releasing Bless ?

Cristiano Diaz
2 years ago

Allegedly it’s a completely different game.