Pearl Abyss announces three new MMOs: Crimson Desert, Plan 8, and DokeV


Well, it may have been a little bit spoilered by leaks around the internet, but it’s official now: Pearl Abyss has just formally announced three of the games it’s currently working on. PA, of course, is already well known as the purveyor of Black Desert and last autumn added CCP Games and EVE Online to its roster. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Crimson Desert: Core MMO fans, this one’s for you. PA calls it an “open-world MMORPG set in an epic-fantasy world” where “in a war for survival, three tribes will fight for control of the Pywell continent.”
  • Plan 8: Pearl Abyss is calling this one an “exosuit MMO shooter.”
  • DokeV: This one’s characterized as a “collectible MMORPG for all ages,” with several former BDO devs working on it.

And of course, the studio is also talking up Shadow Arena, which as we learned last month is basically the PvP battle royale mode originally added to Black Desert this year but then pulled out when it devolved into hacking and banwaves that proved too much for the game. It’ll now be a standalone product, with closed beta on the way soon.

Pearl Abyss says it’ll be releasing more info on all three during its Pearl Abyss Connect 2019 presentation at G-Star next week, and this year, it’ll be streamed live as a “significant departure from [PA’s] first franchise, Black Desert.”

Source: Pearl Abyss press release
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