Blade & Soul brings back the Golden Harvest Festival on November 13

Farvest hestival

Some games promise you a chicken dinner when you emerge victorious from a challenge. Blade & Soul will miss all that weak nonsense. Players who log in to the game during the Golden Harvest Festival between November 13th and December 1st will earn a Harvest Dinner just for logging in, and completing dungeon quests earn you additional Harvest Dinners. And you’re not even going to eat them; you’re going to use these plates absolutely covered in food as currency to buy fantastic rewards!

You can also pick up an entire Festive Feast Bag by reaching the eighth floor of Mushin’s Tower and defeating Mushin’s Darkness; the Feast Bag contains three Harvest Dinners as well as assorted other goodies. (We assume that the other items are wedged in the mashed potatoes.) Considering that the more expensive rewards cost upwards of 30 Harvest Dinners, of course, you’ll need to make good use of these plates of food to make sure you get everything your heart desires from the event. Just try not to eat any on the way, although considering you’ll smash a dozen of them into your bag in short order you probably won’t want to.

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