EVE Online Senior Community Manager CCP Falcon departs CCP Games


It’s safe to say that EVE Online hasn’t had the smoothest history of dealing with its playerbase throughout the game’s 16-year life, having endured high-profile scandals and periods of intense backlash from players. MMOs as involved as EVE Online live and die on the strength of their communities, and serving that community for the past seven years has been Senior Community Manager Paul “CCP Falcon” Elsy.

Elsy announced that he’s leaving CCP Games in a twitter post today, putting the community team in the hands of CCP Dopamine and the recently hired CCP Convict. Though Elsy didn’t go into his reasons for leaving CCP but he seems to be leaving the company on positive terms and confirmed that he doesn’t yet know what’s next for his career.

Elsy was one of just two members of the original community team in Reykjavik retained back when heavy layoffs gutted the department in 2017, the other being CCP Guard who departed CCP earlier this year. Originally a veteran EVE player before joining CCP, Elsy was often hailed by players as someone who understood the core of what EVE was designed to be and one of the few willing to engage with the community on places such as Reddit. He’s been a key part of organising the EVE World Tour this year and will be sorely missed as a community manager.

Source: Twitter
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