Rock band Alice in Chains threw a wicked AdventureQuest 3D concert


This may just be the more unique concert performance that you will ever witness in an MMORPG – at least the most unique since you saw KORN a few months back.

Starting last night, rock band Alice in Chains played to a crowd, not in real life, but in AdventureQuest 3D. But instead of a mere performance done in an unusual venue, the band presided over a “video game concert battle” where players fought mobs and bosses while the band shredded and sang their way to victory.

The band performed two songs, “Check My Brain” and “Rainier Fog,” while adventurers waded into a monster mosh pit. After a while, the Ghost of Unsung Songs came out, prompting a boss battle that delighted fans. The event is meant to repeat on a timer for three weeks before disappearing forever, during which players can buy Alice in Chains merch and go backstage to take selfies with the band.


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Hikari Kenzaki

Saw this yesterday but got lost in all the things. Glad they’re able to find other bands to use this tech.


Yeah and it’s still a lot different than the other concert too. It would have been easy for them to just re-use all the same stuff with different songs, but they went in and made it a completely different experience.