ArcheAge Unchained grants Belstrom players a server boost and items pack for the three-day blackout


Yesterday we reported on the Belstrom EU server’s extended length of maintenance due to an issue discovered with its auction house. A few hours after that story went live, the server was repaired and brought back online. Now, Belstrom is getting its own double earnings event as a way to help players catch up and as an apology for the shutdown.

From now until 9:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, November 11th, all players on Belstrom can take advantage of double XP, Honor, Vocation, and loot drop rates. It did offer double Kyrios Badges as well, but apparently that had to be stopped due to the server boost not granting the right number. Instead, a number of Kyrios Badges will be included in an upcoming secondary pack that will also include items to make up for lost time like Labor.

As for what happened? The forum thread that provided updates regarding Belstrom’s status offered this explanation:

“While this issue was ongoing, we discovered additional issues including some auctions not successfully canceling resulting in the ability to reclaim otherwise sold items. Those cases were limited and items were not traveled through the world. 9 accounts were found to be intentionally abusing this issue. Those accounts have been permanently closed, and the items removed from the economy.”

As for when the items pack will arrive and what it will include, that will likely be announced soon.

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