Sea of Thieves talks about a new Arena weekend event and the Battle for London esports competition


It’s just not a complete week unless I get my Sea of Thieves developer update starring executive producer Joe Neate. Let’s just get comfy, fire up this video and… oh… oh no, this isn’t Joe, this is senior producer Drew Stevens. What have you done, Rare?! You’ve opened the ninth gate! Demon corgis are spilling out everywhere! Everything’s ruined!

Let’s ignore the demon corgi invasion for a moment and talk about the content of the video, shall we? From now until Monday, November 11th, players can join in on an Arena Weekend to earn double reputation and double gold while playing the competitive Arena mode. This event is in direct response to the apparent success of the recent Gold and Glory event, which reportedly helped a number of players make it to the Pirate Legend tier.

Speaking of competition, Sea of Thieves is also spooling up the Battle for London esports event, which will pit duos in sloops against one another during XO19 at the Microsoft store in Oxford Circus, London. Qualifiers begin Thursday, November 14th, and the finals take place the following Friday, November 15th. Winners can net themselves gold-plated Xbox consoles along with other prizes. Details on how to join in the qualifiers will be posted to the game’s social media channels soon™.

source: YouTube
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