Anthem previews Icetide’s Javelin racing and a time attack mode for Tyrant Mine


The Anthem PTS just played host to a seasonal event that appears to have a couple of interesting hooks for anyone still actively playing the game, including a sort of time attack mode for one of its Strongholds and the rather obvious addition of Javelin racing. Seriously, why hasn’t this been thought up before?

Anthem has dressed up Fort Tarsis for the holidays and coated the entirety of Bastion in a light dusting of snow to get players in the holiday spirit. Of course, there’s more to look at than just snow in Freeplay; there’s a Time Trial Javelin race that challenges players to get through a flight obstacle course as fast as possible every five minutes. Freeplay also features increased outlaw encounters and localized Snow Globe Storms to take on.

In addition to the Freeplay activities, there’s also a sort of time attack version of the Tyrant Mine Stronghold, which will also introduce Cataclysm-like Inversions and two countdown timers to pay attention to: an overall time remaining timer and a bonus score multiplier timer, which will presumably mean more Crystal rewards for clearing Tyrant Mine as fast as possible.

As for just what kinds of rewards are waiting in Icetide, there’s no real indicator right now, but the game’s official site promises plenty of winter-themed goodies on offer.

The Icetide PTS closes today (Monday, November 11th), while a launch date for Icetide is yet to be announced. Since we’re in that in-between period now, check out YouTuber FoodThenGames, who’s posted a look at Icetide to whet your appetite.


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Damn it, just die already, SWTOR wants its developer back! (Or developers. Sometimes it feels like it’s just one guy at Austin, doing everything.)


As DOA as this game was its infinitely more fun gameplay wise than SWTOR. Swtor needs to die far sooner

Tee Parsley

Trying to keep some novel things coming in, while working with a reduced team.

I still personally like the game. The PAG feel is great, it looks beautiful. So much well done, such conceptual difficulties. Oh well.

Not that keen on timed missions though.


Just slap a timer on it, eh?

Kickstarter Donor

Personally I cannot stand ANYTHING with a timer so this is just another reason to avoid going back to it for me.
The game NEEDS content, not faff gimmicks and BS


It seems (from dataminers) time trials for dungeons will switch every week during the event.

Also new cosmetics for the “robots”.