Final Fantasy XI’s latest version update adds new monthly objectives and sort of updates Beastmaster

Pet action.

The newest patch for Final Fantasy XI has included adjustments for Beastmaster… in theory. You can hear about it in video format or just look at the patch notes, but if you know nothing about the game you might think that the “adjustments” in the notes look pretty thin, being just three new pets. Reading the comments, meanwhile, make it very clear that’s exactly what was changed, and the new pets aren’t even particularly desirable nor do they address extant issues with the job. So masters of beasts wind up not terribly happy.

Players who are largely unconcerned with beasts and the mastery thereof will chiefly be enjoying a new set of monthly objectives in the game and the usual rotating objectives in Ambuscade. There are also new icons displayed by monster names in addition to changes in eye color while exploring Dynamis – Divergence. You can check out a full rundown in video format just below, but keep in mind that you may ultimately find yourself vexed if you consider yourself versed in beasts and the ways in which one might master them.


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i cant beweave you’re covering this instead of the medal duping scandal.

its shaping up to be the largest economic loss via hacking in any mmo ever

Jaymes Buckman

L.A. Guns reference?