The Elder Scrolls Online introduces new cash shop pet that increases your inventory and raises some eyebrows


Generally speaking, The Elder Scrolls Online has some pretty good and adorable pets, but all they really do is just look cute. The latest addition, however, has a bit of utility baked in, which is making some players a bit nervous.┬áSay hello to the Bristleneck War Boar, a proper chonky pig friend who apparently can increase your inventory by five slots. That inventory increase, by the way, isn’t just for the character that has the pet; it’s account-wide.

Concerns were first raised by one PTS player back in September, which led to several cries of the added inventory crossing the pay-to-win line. That feedback appears to have been largely ignored, as the pet went live a couple of days ago with the inventory space improvement included.

This new pet has kicked off a variety of reactions, with some community members who believe that this new pet is a test bed for further P2W Crown Store items, while other fans want more utilitarian pets or don’t appear to be fussed by five inventory slots. You be the judge.

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