British Esports Association aims to increase ‘female esports players at the top level’

And chill.

If you’d like to see more ladies kicking butt and taking names in esports like Xiaomeng “VKLiooon” Li did at the Hearthstone Grandmasters final at BlizzCon earlier this month, well, then join the club – literally. Apparently, the British Esports Association has announced a new initiative to “celebrate” and “support” female players – especially since so many women are among the viewerbase.

“30.4% of esports viewership is made up of women, according to a report by Interpret in Q4 2018, and that number has risen by 6.5% over the past three years. But there is still plenty of room for growth, not to mention a lack of female esports players at the top level. […] It’s showing that the interest in esports for females is rising, and the British Esports Association wants to provide an initiative to help support females who are aspiring to be professional gamers as well as those looking into career prospects. […] The Women in Esports campaign will be something British Esports does continuously as an organisation and has no campaign end date.”

The BEA, a non-profit whose goals are to “foster future British talent, increase the awareness of esports and provide expertise and advice” at a “grassroots level,” promises multiple social media and video campaigns for the initiative.

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David Goodman

I think that company efforts to reduce toxcity in games by itself will probably do more to promote women in gaming than trying to create a campaign specifically for it.

From the (very, very minor) research i’ve done, the issue isn’t that the women in esports currently aren’t celebrated. It is usually newsworthy when they do succeed (almost to their detriment, but that’s a different discussion.) Clearly, women are not avoiding esports because they don’t think their contributions would be valued if they achieve the higher tiers of skill needed to be at the top of that (rather silly) hill.

It’s from the excessive treatment they receive trying to do this beyond what is ‘normal’ that discourages it from happening, and you don’t need to target Teh Gurls with a hashtag to fix it: Just deal with the asshats.


I agree with you.

Ironically, I grew up in the mid 1970s when the “womens movement” was about NOT giving women special treatment and building some sort of special faux-Victorian ‘wall of politeness’ around them.

In the 1970s Women INSISTED that men stop treating them like some delicate hothouse flower because (rightly, I believe) that was astonishingly patronizing and condescending to believe that women couldn’t just “get over it”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see games become less toxic but I’m not terribly optimistic because I believe in the Greater Internet Dickwad hypothesis.

Is it unreasonable in the meanwhile to just assume that people can ignore that crap whether they’re male OR FEMALE?

I mean, if some 13 year old (boy, 99.999% of the time) screams in Discord “YOU (bleep)! I’m going to (bleep) you in the (bleep) until you die!” …First, we all agree that’s stupid and he shouldn’t say that. But further, the listener can either ignore it or the listener can freak out over it.

I’d guess most males either ignore it or feed it back. PERSONALLY, I’d guess most female games ALSO just ignore it or feed it back but there seems an unpleasantly large voice of people who not only freak out, but have made sort of a public issue over their own freaking out…and of course the White Knights who rush to support them.

flamethekid .

people ignore abuse sure but the issue is the way we ignore it is fairly different for women than men
the thing is the online abuse for us guys is fairly different.

those 13 year olds would scream over their shitty discount mic and you might get one or two trolling pm’s and thats the end of that and we just ignore it
but when it comes to girls the whole room’s attention is on the girl the moment people know shes is a girl and its either they get abuse shouted at them by edgy teenagers or creepy 40 year old basement weirdo’s say creepy shit then their PM’s get bombarded with abuse or creepy dudes.

how women ignore this is just by not letting any attention come to them in the first place they just don’t speak at all or they play male characters in games.
and this is just normal girls, female Esport players have it alot worse since its constant and they even get death threats just for being there.

if you want women to not be a minority you need to do what other jobs do and change the job culture.

until recently people who were mostly women and older men would make fun of men entering the nursing field in alot of the USA now the job culture has changed and its not as acceptable anymore.
A women in nursing might have a toxic co-worker or two and just ignore it, but a man in nursing would have entire groups of people seeking any weakness to prey upon.

its the same thing in gaming men are the majority and women are an extreme minority and the current culture says that women are like a rare pokemon and all forms of attention good or bad must go towards the woman.

Robert Mann

If a person who is a minority in a field wishes to be in it, I wish them all the best.

At the same time, I do not believe that every field being completely representative is reasonable. There’s things that certain groups don’t tend to get into as much. The outliers should always have a place so long as they are capable.

Sadly, what usually happens is that people are not treated equally and protected from scumbags… but rather that diversity becomes the goal instead of equality. In that pursuit, people gain unfair advantages just by being a minority in a field. Which then causes harm to others who did nothing wrong.

I circle back to agree with Ardra, just on a larger scale. We don’t need these special efforts. We need to just treat each other with basic respect, and have everyone accepted on an even level. Taking action against things like racism, sexism, and crude behavior in online gaming would be a far better course, although one which would also have to face that as a trend in many societies as a whole (aka, the solution isn’t one which works in isolation, it must entail the whole of society).


Demanding diversity in Esports by creating a #WomenInEsports campaign of special treatment to celebrate the inclusion seems to send the wrong signal.

Do we have to promote gender exclusionism via social media campaigns in order to achieve gender diversity in Esports?

I’m of the opinion of letting the gaming merit stand on its own in Esports.

I’m not saying women don’t face social stigmas or online harassment from a male dominated sport, but I also believe that in order to bridge the gender gap, all professional gamers need to be celebrated together and without gender barriers or special treatment. We all play on a equal playing field, how we get there may be harder for others and SHOULD be celebrated regardless of gender.


Just a friendly reminder for boys, girls and folks of all persuasions that E-Sports is a rotten, exploitative business environment full of shady people and practices. Do your thing, but I’d go easy on measuring your collective identity by representation in a racket.


There’s no way this will go wrong like it has the other times groups have tried to do this.

Tuor of Gondolin

They need to use the Clockwork Orange method of creating more girl gamers. Everything else will work itself out on its own.


Instead of images of ultraviolence it will be previews of housing systems and character creation and fashion wars.




Women have already claimed the last bastion of masculinity, namely, the playing of pretend cards in a videogame. Us menfolks have nothing left and you’re just rubbing it in at this point.


About a year ago there was a series of posts in /r/europe with per-country statistics for %% of women in science, business, police, etc. It turned out in healthy economies women avoid traditional manly jobs – but in poor post-Soviet countries situation is the opposite. For example, in Russia amount of female managers is highest in the world (45%). Or maybe it’s just men don’t like to take manly roles after a century of Communist oppression and a genocide…

Ardra Ventax

as a woman I have a heretical opinion about how to bring more women into gaming. My opinion is: make it a non-issue. Don’t pander, don’t try to create things “we think women like”… just make it a non-issue. Women don’t all like pink, ruffles, and cosmetics. But of course some do. And so do some guys. The point is that you can’t shoehorn people into what you think they are, and what you think they want. In a nutshell, quit worrying about it. Make good games. That’s all.


I believe this difference in preference has far more to do with upbringing than with any actual difference between men and women.

Also, just for kicks, pink only became a “girly” color in the 20th century; before that, pink was a boyish color and blue was more commonly used by girls.

Bruno Brito

Make good games. That’s all.

You’re asking too much.


I can’t say much for the pink and ruffles part for myself…but I can agree they’re not for everyone.

…and everything else Ms. Ardra posted! :)

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Cool – although I’d rather see the same grassroots level involving things that are useful.