Final Fantasy XIV patches in Ishgard Restoration and the newest Ultimate content with 5.11

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So often cities are destroyed in MMOs and never seem to be actually fixed in any way. But that’s not the case in Final Fantasy XIV with the launch of the Ishgard Restoration content; now players will be able to hunt down materials, craft items, and ultimately help rebuild the Firmament through the use of crafting and gathering. Players contribute resources to a shared pool, which ultimately prompts special rebuilding events for crafters and gatherers as new structures are created around the landscape. And as a reward, you can get new minions, mounts, and even outfits and recipes for cosmetic purposes!

The patch also introduces the newest Ultimate content, the hardest fight currently in the game pitting players against the time-aspected primal Alexander as well as his component parts. It’s an open question of which team will make it to a world-first clear on Alexander (Ultimate), but you’ll want a skilled team and great gear to even make the attempt. Perhaps you could get some from a crafter… but no, they’ll all be rebuilding Ishgard. Oh well.

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Checked out the Reconstruction content. Not a fan of it, especially the implementation.

My server at least, you are either forced to gather your own (if you have leveled gatherers), or deal with the high pricing. At a glance my side, I could make… 200 scrips after spending near 6-700k Gil. That isn’t enough for anything.

They should have had Gathering work implemented from the start, and rather than let this stuff be marketable, should have either allowed gatherers to turn in for scrips and experience or use it for their own, with the turn-ins being used as a funding of sorts for crafters.

It feels far less like a collaborative effort like it is meant to be, and more like everyone is just tripping each other over now. Why give away materials and help the thing progress, when I can overcharge for them all instead.

Kind of honestly wishing they’d have just done it like how the Doman rebuilding effort went now.

Dagget Burmese

But they seem to have no use for Fishermen

Etharion Ethie

There is no content for Gatherers in general for now. I’ve read the next patch will get them some Ishgard Restoration content, but for now you’re still doing the same thing you were doing for 5.0 if you’re a Gatherer.