MU Online announces a server merge and an event to celebrate the occasion


Most of the time a server merge is cause for concern, but for MU Online, it’s cause for a party! Two of the game’s servers are combining and the MMOARPG will be hosting a special event in celebration of the merge.

On Tuesday, November 26th, the Midgard and Eldorado servers will be combined in order to “create a more exciting and balanced environment for all players to enjoy.” Before then, players will get the opportunity to move their character, items, and storage over to the new server; information on how that works is already on the official site.

As for the celebratory event, players will get to earn extra XP in a challenge event, while those who have played for over 100 hours will get boosts like a Bless of Light (Greater), Gold Channel Ticket, and Master Scroll of Quickness. There will also be some special package sales in the game’s cash shop.

Before that, though, there’s a Monster Hunting Festival starting on Wednesday, November 13th, where players can hunt creatures in Nixies Lake, Swamp of Darkness, or Cubera Mines to earn extra XP and rank up for rewards. There’s even a 20% boost to XP earnings and reduced monster HP for everyone from now until Tuesday, November 26th.

source: press release
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